29 abril, 2013

Size Comparison

Size comparison of "Mermaid Man" from the SpongeBob show

Size comparison

Size comparison of "Hanna Barbera-Captain Caveman"

Size comparison

size comparison of Futurama Leela

Mask detail

Detail of the mask of "Mermaid Man" from the SpongeBob show

28 abril, 2013

Mewtwo - Work In Progress

I started the "Mewtwo" maquete, here in very early stage, there´s a lot of things to do to be finished, measure about 7 inches, made in epoxi like Aves and SuperSculpey firm

Mermaid Man - update

Mermaid man almost finished

Leela - new update

New update of "Leela", working on bra, hands and gun

Captain Caveman - update

New update of Captain Caveman, working on hands and the bird