20 outubro, 2012

Freddie Mercury base statue

Just some more refining to finish the base of the Freddie Mercury statue

19 outubro, 2012

Base paint job

I started the paint job of the base of Freddie Mercury statue

17 outubro, 2012

Freddie Mercury new update

Here´s new update of Freddie Mercury statue based on CD cover "It´s a kind of magic", still work in progrsss

Captain Caveman - Capitão Caverna

Here new update of Hanna Barbera "Captain Caveman" still work in progress

14 outubro, 2012

Vulture Squad - Esquadrilha Abutre

Complete set of Vulture Squad, Muttley measure 5 inches, Dastardly measure 7,5 inches

08 outubro, 2012

Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury, 13 inches, based on CD cover of album "It´s a Kind of Magic" - Freddie Mercury, 13 polegadas, baseado na capa do album "It´s a Kind of Magic"

Captain Caveman

Capitão Caverna, ainda só um rascunho --- Captain Caveman, very early stage, just a rough, 5,5 inches


Astro from Jetsons, 6,5 inches